Z-Edge 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor, 200Hz Refresh Rate, 21:9 2560×1080 Ultra Wide, Curved Monitor, R1500 Curvature, MPRT 1ms FPS-RTS




Price: $249.99 - $229.99
(as of May 23, 2023 15:44:59 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Z-edge UG30 200Hz Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

0101 200Hz Refresh Rate

With rapid 200Hz refresh rate, you will get the unparalleled smooth gaming experience.

0202 1ms Response Time

Combined with lightning 1ms response time makes you get more wins in the battlefield.

0303 WFHD 2560*1080P

Ultra-wide WFHD(2560*1080) monitor delivers crisp and razor-sharp images.

0505 30inch 21:9 Aspect Ratio

With a 2560*1080 resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio, you can view more webpages without zooming out.

0404 1500R Curved Monitor

R1500 curvature matches human eyes visual field, enhanced the depth of perception, making you immersed more into the games.

0606 FreeSync Support

Reducing monitor from stuttering and tearing, keeps motion fluidity even in fast-paced games.

0606 Three-sided Frameless Design

Featuring a slim bezel on three sides and no distractions from the dazzlingly precise, you can expand your view with multiple monitors.

0808 VESA Mount Support

Easily install the monitor on the wall or mounting arm with the VESA mount.


Bringing unprecedenten smoothness and fluidity to your games with 200hz refresh rate.


With the rapid 1ms response time ghosting and blurry will dramatically reduce.


Eliminates the screen tearing and input latency presenting you the exceptional gaming experience.


Reproducing a greater range of luminosity than what is possible with standard digital imaging.

1 200Hz Refresh Rate 2 1ms Response Time 3 Adaptive-Sync Support 4 WFHD 2560×1080 Resolution

Z-edge Gaming Monitors Comparison Table

Screen Size

30 inches

32 inches

32 inches

27 inches

27 inches

24 inches








Refresh Rate



165Hz(DP)/ 144Hz(HDMI)

240Hz(DP)/ 240Hz(HDMI)

200Hz(DP)/ 144Hz(HDMI)

180Hz(DP)/ 144Hz(HDMI)

Response Time

1ms MPRT

1ms MPRT

1ms MPRT

1ms MPRT

1ms MPRT

1ms MPRT


HDMI x 2, DP x 1, USB x1

HDMI x 2, DP x 1, USB x1

HDMI x 2, DP x 2

HDMI x 2, DP x 2

HDMI x 2, DP x 1

HDMI x 1, DP x 1


2560×1080 WFHD

1920×1080 FHD

2560×1440 QHD

1920×1080 FHD

1920×1080 FHD

1920×1080 FHD

Does this monitor have PIP and PBP?

Yes, this model supports PIP and PBP features.

What type of HDMI and DP port does it have? What refresh rate can this monitor run on HDMI and DP?

The HDMI1 port is 2.0 and it can support up to 200Hz refresh rate, the HDMI2 port is 1.4 and it can support 100Hz refresh at max.The DP port is 1.2port and it can support 200Hz refresh rate.

Would this monitor be good for PS5?

Yes this monitor will be a great option for the PS5.Our monitor has the HDMI 2.0 output so it can support PS5 for up to 120Hz at 1080P resolution.

What are the dimensions of the monitor?

The screen width is 27.8in, screen height with stand is 16in without the stand is 12.6in, screen depth with stand is 7.7in without the stand is 3.3in.

Does it support HDR and Free Sync?

Yes it does, please note that HDR requires HDMI port, and Free Sync requires DP port.

[1500R Curved Gaming Monitor]1500R curved monitor proved to add an immersive touch while gaming or watching movies, helping to fill our peripheral vision, enlarging the field of view to a greater extend. The curved monitor provides the maximum immersion, fully engages your life in every aspects.
[WFHD 1080P Resolution and HDR Support] Combined with the HDR technology the display presents you the stunning and crystal images with the FHD 2560*1080 resolution and 21:9 Aspect Ratio. HDR will balance exposure during the day and brings greater clarity at night.(Note: Only the HDMI port supports HDR) The 3000:1 contrast ratio presents the deep blacks and brilliant whites, allowing you to capture more image details even in the dark.
[Ergonomic and Sleek Design] Support VESA mount 100*100mm, the monitor can be installed on the wall or the mounting arm at ease, selecting the optimum position for the monitor freely. Three-sided edge to edge design makes full use of the screen, brings the modern and sleek look to this streamlined monitor, easy to expand your views in a dual-monitor setup.

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