Tribit USB Headset with Microphone for PC, CallElite83 Stereo Wired Headphone with Noise Cancelling Mic, 3.5mm/USB, in-Line Controls, Mute Button,...




Price: $39.99 - $34.99
(as of Feb 07, 2023 02:07:21 UTC – Details)

Product Description

usb headsetusb headset

noise cancelling headphones with microphone Noise Canceling Microphone

Enhanced digital signal processing technology reduces background noise and pick up clear voice.

usb headset Clear and Detailed Sound

The 40mm drive unit provides full bass, crisp highs with excellent low distortion.

usb headset with microphone for pc Comfortable Ergonomic Design

Adjustable headband and ear cushion offer the best-ever working comfort.

wired computer Plug and Play

Works perfectly with all assorts of device in various occasions.

1 Clear Communication 2 Gorgeous Audio 3 All Day Comfort 4 Wide Compatibility

wired headsetwired headset Easy-peasy Button Control

With a simple press on the buttons, you can easily adjust the volumes and achieve mute function —- either microphone muting or speaker muting. The red and blue indicator lights on the in-line controller allow you to confirm the usage status of the mic.

wired headsetwired headset Tough as Nail

Constructed with durable materials, the usb headset with microphone for pc headset lasts longer and survives any pulling and squeezing you might put it through. Better still, the storage Velcro strap on the audio cable easy and convenient organization!

usb headsetusb headset

What devices does the USB headset work for?

The headset is available for Android, iOS and PC devices.

How long is the usb cable?

This is a comfortable 8 ft length.(4 ft audio cable + 4 ft in-line controller)

Does the online control include an indicator for the mute function?

The microphone mute button will have a red and blue indicator, the speaker mute button has no indicator.

[High-end Noise Canceling Mic]: With the enhanced digital signal processing technology, the one-way microphone of this usb headset reduces the background noise and restores the real voice for accurate, effective and professional high-definition call. Fully cover all your work at home, in the office or call center.
[Clear Call & Excellent Audio]: Thanks to the treble and bass boost, rich sound with immaculate details is available to provide clearer call! What’s more, equipped with 40mm drives, the headset with microphone for pc emits powerful and rich audio, giving a comfortable and pleasant listening experience for both calls and music.
[Comfortable Ergonomic Design]: The artificial protein leather and memory sponge ear cushions further optimize the passive noise reduction and greatly improve the comfort of wearing for hours on end! 270° rotatable pc headset mic picks up your voice clearly. Adjustable headband, ear muffs and lightweight body help you find your groove!
[Mic & Speaker Mute]: Tribit CallElite83 headphone with microphone boasts a range of plain and simple buttons for volume adjustment and mute function. For the ultimate efficient interaction, it is possible for you to activate the mute function by simply press either the mic or speaker mute button.
[Wide Compatibility]: The 3.5mm audio cable and USB-A in line controller helps connect the wired headset to devices, like phone, computer, tablet and more. Plus, you can go about your Skype chat, zoom meetings and online courses without constraining yourself to your seat! Meeting your need mean the most!(Note: 4 feet audio cable + 4 feet in-line controller)

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