VEIKK A30 Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet 10*6 inch Pen Tablet with 8192 Levels Passive Pen for Left/Right Hand Smart Gesture...


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Features£ºUltra large drawing area, 10×6 inch active area gives you a thinner but smarter, more sensitive platform where you can show your creativity and talent on.Intelligent passive technology, 8192 levels battery-free with smart chip, trace line trajectory automatic line correction.Accurate and quick response with the pen drawing on the tablet and it offers paper-like feeling.Smart gesture touch and easy touch keys, move from right freely time-saving and effective.Type-C interface port, easily plug with either direction which is more convenient and stable.Easily zoom in and out the pictures with hand gestures and scroll the pages and customize individual shortcut way and skip tying and clicking to improve work efficiency.No need battery, suitable for both right handed and left handed users.Compatible with Mac and Windows system, compatible with drawing software such as Corel painter, Adobe illustrator, Comic studio, Clip Studio etc.