USB Graphic Drawing Tablets Digital Tablets Digital Board Connect Phones Number Drawing Boards No Need Charges


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Features:8192 levels pressure sensitivity, the 5080LPI Resolution,high-level parameters allow you to draw fluidly.Larger painting area, more able to expresses painting details.Battery-Free precise pen (pen no need charges, no need battery), very user friendly.Simulate real brushes to achieve different strokes from different angles.Use without delay.Each of the five independent shortcut keys can be customized design, with the screen linkage reminder function, when the shortcut keys is pressed, the shortcut function will be displayed at a glance.Fine equidistant arrangement, accurate pen pointer positioning, no drift, high resolution output. The details are more subtle.The tail comes with a pen refill storage function, often have three pen refills.Compatible with a variety of creatives software, to meet the needs of different fields of creation.Support double screen rotation, professional hand painting can also use it.Mobile phones and tablets can also be used by connecting the digital board with the OTG adapter. (OTG adapter needs to be purchased)