Ugee M708 Art Design Ultra-thin Graphics Drawing Tablet


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features 8192 high pressure sensitivity level, 266RPS fast report rate and super convenient battery-free passive pen.Features:10 * 6 large active area allows you to do digital creation (such as draw, paint, edit, sign, write) with wide fluid strokes and natural movement.Upgradedbattery-free passive pen, no need for charging or replacing battery, super convenient!Upgraded8192pressure sensitivity level, 4 times sensitive than 2048, so you can draw more accurate and more delicate lines.Upgraded266RPSreport rate, much faster than the original 233RPS, guarantee no-delay, seamless and efficient drawing experience.Click the pen button to switch it between drawer and eraser function, comes with a pen holder, 8 refills and 1 refill remover.8 customizable shortcut keys give you complete control over your tablet, and the tablet can be rotated for left-handed people.Advanced silkscreen (S2) offer smooth and fluid drawing texture, wearable, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant for long time use.Wide system compatibility, suit for Windows/XP/Vista 7/8/10 and for Mac OS 10.8 or above.Download Driver://ugee.netSupport for Adobe Photoshop/Photoshop CC/Illustrator/LightRoom/Corel Painter/Autodesk MAYA/Pixologic ZBrush and etc drawing software.Super thin and lightweight, portable to carry around.