Mobile Phone DSLR Teleprompter With Remote Control Phone and Tablet Holder HD Display Portable for Live Streaming Video Recording


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Features:Teleprompter specially designed for most smartphones, tablets and cameras, perfect for live streaming, hosting, video recording, online teaching etc.The teleprompter is made of high-quality glass with high transmittance for more clarity, making the words reflection clear and easy to read.The speaker can read the script through the teleprompter with eyes focusing on the camera while recording, reducing the occurrence of NG and effectively improving work efficiency.Comes with a phone holder and a tablet holder, compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Vertical and horizontal shooting are both available.Equipped with BT remote control and 8 lens adapter ring for different lenses.Easy to install and operate, a great helper for online teachers, presenters, vloggers.A remote control is also included for connecting to your smartphone for more flexible and convenient operation. The remote control can also control other teleprompter applications.Foldable and lightweight, easy to store and carry.