Android 11.0 Tablet, 10 Inch Tablets with 4G RAM+ 64GB ROM, 13MP & 5 MP Camera,Quad Core,6000mAh Battery, 128GB Expand...



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Quad-core Chip,Powerful Inside

The Quad-core tablet has achieved significant improvement in overall performance and energy efficiency. Fast speed, low latency, long usage time .Thanks to itsgreat cruising ability, greatly decreasing loading times and facilitating multi-tasking. Flagship processor of the year, highly improved CPU, GPU and AI performance compared to the previous generation.

Breathtaking clarity with 1280*800 Display

It operates at up to 60Hz refresh rate and 390Hz touch sampling rate. 1280*800 HD Display with exquisite, rich and vivid colors Bringing more clarity to your video, clearly showing every bright and dark detail with a picture quality closer to reality. A wider color range, and smoother color transition.

Speakers that impress

Pick up the ANTEMPER T1 and let the layers of sound surround you. Featuring higher volume and wider sound range, the dual BOX speakers will transport you to a new world whether you are watching movies or play games. With dual box linear speaker, every song and video feels like an in-person experience.








6000mAh,End battery anxiety

This 6000mAh battery with large capacity ensures 8-10 hours mixed-use for watching, reading, and playing games at home. (about 15h for reading, 9h for video, and 11h for normal use). The 10 inch tablet lets you enjoy your favorite activities and Apps for longer and keep you going through all day.

Capture your Beautiful Moment

The android 10 inch tablet with a 13MP rear camera presents you with a window to explore the world. Thanks to intelligent calibration, the display reveals your favorite unforgettable moments for a birthday party, family journey in vivid splendor. And it’s a brilliant camera, now with 5MP lens for video calling with friends, families who always company with you.

Guide Your Way

Plan your trips and execute them right on time with no hassle and anywhere in the world with Voice GPS & maps in the tablet. This GPS will help users in finding the routes via route finder selecting from different locations, turning on the GPS navigation,and finally listening to the voice directions and traveling around without any real difficulties.


The Andorid 11.0 OS

Some of the newest ways to control your privacy, customise your phone and get things done. It’s Android, just the way you want it.

Tailored to you

The Antemper tablet runs the native GMS certified android 11.0. And the tablet comes with google play, google chrome, G-mail, google maps, Youtube, etc preloaded.


CPU: Quad-Core


Extended support: 128 GB

Camera: 5MP + 13MP

Resolution: 1280 * 800 HD (support 1080 FHD)

Battery Capacity: 6000 mAh

Sensor: G Sensor | GPS | FM | OTG | Speaker | MIC | Vibration

Calling Function
4G LTE+Dual Sim 4G LTE+Dual Sim 4G LTE+Dual Sim

1280 x 800 1280 x 800 1280 x 800 1280 x 800

Operating System
Android 11.0 OS Android 11.0 OS Android 11.0 OS Android 11.0 OS

4GB RAM+64 GB ROM (expandable by up to 128 GB) 4GB RAM+64 GB ROM (expandable by up to 128 GB) 4GB RAM+64 GB ROM (expandable by up to 128 GB) 4GB RAM+64GB ROM (expandable by up to 128 GB)

Quad-core 1.6GHz Octa-core 1.6GHz Octa-core 1.6GHz Octa-core 1.6GHz

Battery life
6000mAh 6000mAh 6000mAh 6000mAh

5 MP front camera and 13 MP rear-facing camera 5 MP front camera and 13 MP rear-facing camera 5 MP front camera and 13 MP rear-facing camera 5 MP front camera and 13 MP rear-facing camera

Keyboard, mouse, tablet case, stylus, OTG

The latest version of Android 11.0 for 4G LTE mobile tablet:Tablet is equipped with 2022 latest version of Android 11 OS,Octa-core processor and 1.6GHz.Mobile tablet supports 4G/3G/2G network,WiFi,GPS,Bluetooth 5.0,OTG,FM,and has two SIM card slots.After inserting SIM card,it becomes an Android phone.You can make calls and send messages to your friends at any time.Even if you don’t have SIM card,you can connect to Wi-Fi and hotspots.
4GB RAM + 64GB ROM + Value-added Multi-Accessories + Octa-Core Processor:4GB RAM and 64GB ROM storage, expandable up to 128GB with SD card.Octa-core processor is perfect for running many apps smoothly.Equipped with Bluetooth keyboard,mouse and capacitive stylus and many other accessories,the handheld tablet instantly turns into a mobile work tablet,allowing you to surf the Internet,watch movies,work,take notes or participate in class remotely.
GMS Certified and Full-featured Tablet: More security and more privacy with GMS certified system. This tablet can be unlocked with Face ID and PIN code and has split-screen function for efficient use. You can log in to your -account and control this tablet remotely via Family Link app for parents. You have full access to Play Store to download Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and other apps.
13MP+5MP dual camera + 1080 FHD IPS + 6000mAh big battery: 13MP rear camera can leave exquisite landscapes and 5MP front camera has powerful beauty camera function. And 1280*800 IPS screen and excellent dual speakers provide 1080p FHD quality video image and clearer sound quality. With a large built-in 6000mAh battery, it has longer runtime and standby time, so you can enjoy up to 13 to 15 hours entertainment.
Dual Box speaker & 6000mAh Battery:The dual Box speaker bring you rich instrumental harmonies, clear vocals, and finely balanced sound. Built in bluetooth 5.0, GPS, FM, gravity sensor etc. 6000mAh tablet offers outstanding long battery life. It will stand by you for a thrilling game night or a demanding presentation day, just like a trustworthy friend.

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