Xiaomi Youpin Populele Intelligent Ukulele 4 Strings 23in Acoustic Electric Ukulele LED Lamp Beads Little Guitar


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features LED lights on ABS fretboard to show the play locations, and players just follow the lights, then they can play a song. It also adopts APP video shows and games to help beginners to learn to play ukulele quickly and easily. The APP videos include different teaching modules of ukulele, the beginners can learn it gradually, and the games are making learning more interesting. It is also suitable for current players to further their ability.Features:Grade A spruce board, mahogany wood side and back board, Italian Aquila nylon strings, close type tuning pegs and technical wood bridge, fine workmanship and perfectsound quality.Special ABS fretboard designed with LED lights showing the play locations, you can follow the light to play the ukulele, easy playing and quick learning.Supports APP teaching functions, just download the APP and connect the ukulele with your smartphone or tablet via bt, then you can learn and practice ukulele by following the APP instrument.Features video show + live guidance + game teaching modes, different ways for you to enjoy the learning, rhythm to chord to melody training ensures efficient teaching and learning, also supports real-time recording, you can share it to your social platform.

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