Xiaomi YOUBAN UPS-01 Portable Fruit and Vegetable Purifier IPX7 Waterproof Unveiled Sterilization Effect Over 99.99%


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features of this Xiaomi fruit and vegetable purifier, let’s have a look! Obviously, as often happens in these cases, it is a product made by a partner company (Youban) and launched through the crowdfunding platform of the company of Lei Jun (here you find the page dedicated to the device). The operation of the purifier of fruits and vegetables of Xiaomi YouPin it’s very simple: just immerse the device in a tray with water and the food to be sterilized and that. The product uses ionic purification technology to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and up to 90% of pesticides.FeaturesXiaomi fruit and vegetable purifier Only sized as 106x70mm and uses 5V direct current, no strong direct contact. And the use of titanium electrode, very safe and stable.In addition, it does not add any chemicals, but only uses water as raw material to purify by electrification through the sending device, which is harmless to food materials and human body.Eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and up to 90% of pesticides. The pesticide degradation effect of Xiaomi fruit and vegetable purifier is more than 90%, and the germicidal efficacy is more than 99.99%.Working PrincipleXiaomi YOUBAN ruit and vegetable purifier adopts high energy ion purification technology, and the water is decomposed into OH- and H + under the action of ion generator. Part of the decomposed OH- removes H+ from the cytoderm of pesticides and bacteria and recombines it into harmless substances. The other part of OH- combines with chlorine in water to form hypochlorite HCIO, and kill bacteria by oxidative degradation. Hypochlorite can also release new ecological oxygen 0, which can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms by its oxidation.Battery LifeXiaomi fruit and vegetable purifier built-in 4400mAh large-capacity battery and with long-lasting life. After fully charged, it can work more than 35 times (according to each work for 5 minutes). in addition, the Xiaomi fruit and vegetable purifier featured with wireless charging, the charging base can also recharge your smartphone.How to use Xiaomi YOUBAN Fruit and Vegetable Purifier?Step 1: When in use, inject clan water into the cleaning container, place the Xiaomi fruit and vegetable purifier horizontally in the cleaning container.Step 2: Gently press the power button, and then enter the standby state after dripping (blinking green).Step 3: And then click it again to start work (blinking green and blue alternately).

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