Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree Sleeping Bag


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The Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is a lightweight, slightly Oversized sleeping bag that brings the luxury of down Insulation into the outdoors. Though it’s not overly large, it’s definitely not your most compact option. But, hey, I’m sure you won’t be complaining once you get into the tent on nights when it’s below freezing and you’ve got this fluffy angel waiting to swallow you whole and keep you cozy through your whole sleep cycle. Features like the sleeping pad sleeve and self-sealing foot vent give you next level comfort in ways you never even knew you needed. Also, with its zipperless design, I think you’ll be thanking its slightly larger size sooner rather than later. Features of the Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Patent pending zipperless design / no zippers = more comfort Oversized integrated comforter / all the comforts of your bed at home Insulated hand/arm pockets / helps to seal out drafts Patented self-sealing foot vent / fast and easy ventilation

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