South America


Spider-Man Cartoon Series - Cloud City Of Gold - Season 2

While in South America as an exchange student, Peter Parker and his host professor are flying in a plane over the Andes Mountains during a lightning storm when the plane crashes. The professor, the pilot and the planes navigator all survive, but there is no sign of young Peter. Just as they notice that they're trapped in a hostile jungle with dangerous natives watching their every move, none other than Spider-Man comes swinging to the rescue. After building a raft to escape the natives, Spider-Man leads them into an underground river after getting caught in a whirlpool. While underground, Spider-Man fights vampire bats using soundwaves to mess up their senses. After finally coming out of the cave they finally see the Cloud City of Gold which is ruled by a 15th Century conquistador named DeVargas who attacks them with a giant golden eagle. As Spider-Man battles the flying monster, the professor and the crew are captured by DeVargas. After defeating the eagle by making it crash, Spider-Man finds himself trapped by a giant spider in the mouth of a volcano which he also defeats.

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Photo Tours, South America

Photo tours and travel provides photographers and travelers with dedicated travel professionals and attentive service. Enjoy luxury travel to South American destinations such as Buenos Aires, Argentina and Brazil. Vacations in Peru and more.

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South America Travel Guide

Travel guide to the South America, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, accommodation, restaurants, nightlife, bars, tourist attractions, travel tips and more.

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