Scarlet Sorcerer


Spider-Man Cartoon Series - The Evil Sorcerer - Season 2

Kotep, the Scarlet Sorcerer -- an ancient magician frozen in time by a rival sorcerer -- is brought back to life in the present day by a deranged college professor who has just been fired. Kotep scoffs at the professor's commands that he take revenge on the man's enemies, and responds by summoning a green-skinned demon to attack him. A group of students happen upon the professor as he's being struck down. Peter Parker is among them and, feigning cowardice, ducks behind a pillar where he strips to his Spider-Man costume. Now in his true colors, Spidey battles the cackling Sorcerer, but Kotep manages to escape. Later, the hospitalized professor tells the secret of Kotep's power to some of his students who promptly try to warn Spider-Man. However, Kotep has other ideas. Bent on conquering the world, the resurrected magician unleashes chaos around the city, summoning an army of demons who promise to follow him if he defeats Spider-Man. Faced with powerful thousands-of-years-old magic, Spider-Man must find a way to stop one of the most powerful villains he's ever encountered. He finally defeats the Sorcerer by taking away his scepter and destroying it.

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