Spider-Man Cartoon Series - Blotto - Season 2

A former film producer creatures a dark creature, film producer, on a special movie screen, then brings it to life with a weapon he calls the Spirit-Scope, which turns living things to film (paper) and brings things on film to life. The creature quickly asserts an ability to engulf and erase any object it wants, from garbage cans and skyscrapers to Peter Parker's car as he drives a famous movie actress to an appearance at his university. After getting her to safety on a nearby roof, Peter strips for action and turns into Spider-Man. The webbed wonder tries to find a way to defeat this mysterious menace before it destroys the entire city. Temporarily paralyzing Blotto with electricity, Spider-Man finds Clive and is hit with the Spirit-Scope, apparently paralyzing him. But when Clive goes to examine him, Spider-Man decks him and claims the Spirit Scope. Going out to face a renewed Blotto, he swings at the now-monstrous creature, and just before impact, fires the Spirit-Scope at it. Blotto turns back to harmless film just as Spider-Man punches through. Clive is then arrested.

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