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AirVolution D 550 MacroAir HVLS Fan | EnergyLogic LLC

For medium to large spaces, the AirVolution-D 550 fan is extremely effective at controlling temperature and humidity. Ideal locations include auto shops, gyms and agricultural applications. The system design eliminates the gearbox for a lighter, leak-proof fan that is durable and runs with less friction. This design makes it easy to install, maintenance-free and practically inaudible. The full line is also Wash Down rated for indoor or outdoor use.

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AirVolution D 780 MacroAir HVLS Fan | Big Commercial HVLS Ceiling Mount Fans Manufacturers | EnergyLogic LLC

Extra-large spaces designed for heavy-duty applications, a breakthrough in motor design allows the powerful AirVolution-D 780 fan to generate 75% more wind power. This makes it perfect for extra-large spaces like warehouses, airplane hangars, airports and stadiums.

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