Spider-Man Cartoon Series - Neptune's Nose Cone - Season 2



Peter Parker is sent to the arctic on assignment by J. Jonah Jameson to track down and get pictures of a lunar module that crashed in the South Pole after a failed launch. Peter along with Penny, the pilot of the Daily Bugle plane, crash land in a blizzard on an island. Upon waking up, Peter finds that Penny had been captured by natives with the intent of offering her along with the nose cone of the module as a sacrifice to their volcano god in exchange for warmth. He changes into his costume and, as Spider-Man, must not only must rescue Penny but also stop the natives from throwing the nose cone into the volcano as the resulting explosion would destroy the entire island. After battling the natives and many strange creatures in an underground cavern, Spider-Man averts catastrophe by rescuing Penny and allowing the nose cone to take off again. The nose cone's rocket engines cause a small volcanic eruption, giving heat to the island and calming the natives down. They unbend the propellers and allow him and Penny to return to New York. He then gives Jameson an egg from the island, which hatches into a small winged snake that bites Jameson on the nose.

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